independent stylist

Wardrobe stylist and set dresser for photography and film. Based in Amsterdam. Will travel.

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AGU launched this autumn their new Urban Outdoor collection specifically designed to make your every day riding better. The urban collection is made of recycled materials and will allow you to look better, ride better and feel better.


For ReumaNederland a new awareness and funding campaign was made, which shows how rheumatism puts a halt to everyday life. Three portraits of Jeroen, Xiomara, and Elisha. Each portrait tells a personal story about how rheumatism affects their day-to-day life. Jeroen was abruptly affected by rheumatism as a volleyball player, Xiomara had to give up…




Marketing campaign for SRM. Since its foundation SRM has been known as the education institute for professionals in marketing and communication. Whether you are just starting out or are already very experienced: with a SRM course or training you can keep ahead of your profession. The campaign portrays teachers and alumni.


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