AGU Undyed

Every day riding gets better with the Undyed collection from AGU. The collection is made of recycled polyester which is kept raw and undyed, to keep the environmental impact to a minimum.

Because the fabric is undyed there is an average of 38% in environmental pollution and resource depletion. 10% less energy is used, and the carbon footprint is 10% less per garment.

So, let’s ride Undyed.

  • Client:
  • AGU
  • Agency:
  • Studio TMO
  • Photography:
  • Jan Bijl
  • Video:
  • Yorick Leusink with Studio New West
  • Make up & hair:
  • Ed Tijssen
  • Production:
  • Ilona Rullens
  • Styling:
  • Luz David von Franquemont