avrotros klassiek #3

Portrait of soprano Elisabeth Hetherington (26).

In March 2019 Canadian-born singer Elisabeth Hetherington recorded her first solo CD together with lutist David Mackor (29). A portrait of a series of young talented musicians for AVROTROS Klassiek. The CD comes with a mini booklet and is handed out to members. More info at AVROTROS Klassiek.

  • Client:
  • AVROTROS Klassiek
  • Chief editor:
  • Saskia de Jong
  • Project manager:
  • Marjolein Lever
  • Musicians:
  • Elisabeth Hetherington & David Mackor
  • Art direction:
  • Designtree
  • Photography:
  • Malou van Breevoort
  • Styling:
  • Luz David von Franquemont