een wereld zonder koffie

A world without coffee. It is time to wake up and smell the coffee: there is a crisis in the coffee sector with negative economic and environmental consequences around the world. Growing coffee is no longer profitable for many small-scale farmers and the way it is produced often entails environmental consequences that will be felt for generations to come.
There is an urgent need to produce more and better quality coffee with fewer negative impacts on people and environment. Solidaridad wants to raise awareness and raise funds to promote and educate small-scale farmers about how to grow coffee with sustainability in mind.


  • Agency:
  • Natwerk
  • Director:
  • Joris Dommels
  • Creatives:
  • Tomas Rouw | Demy Sapthu
  • Production Company:
  • We are Will
  • Wardrobe:
  • Nicole de Werk | Luz David von Franquemont