water uit lokale bron

Drinking water company Vitens started their new campaign ‘Water from your Local Source’ with the opening of a water pop-up store in Utrecht. With this first drinking water store Vitens would like to make people aware of their own drinking water. Most people in the Netherlands do not know where their water is coming from. With the awareness campaign ‘Water from your Local Source’ you can find with your zipcode the source of your drinking water.

In the store customers can taste water from several sources and compare them. For at home customers can buy a refill bottle with the name and location of their local source. There are a 100 different bottles available with info about the 100 different sources. In the store there is also a Nukuhiva shop-in-shop, a fair fashion concept by water ambassador Floortje Dessing.

On April 12th Floortje Dessing and Jelle Hannema opened the first Vitens’ store. As a world traveler Floortje knows that it is a luxury to have safe and clean water from your own tap at home. People should be aware that they can also play a role in safeguarding the quality of the water at home, by making different choices when it comes to products that can pollute the groundwater in their area.

For this multi annual campaign Vitens will open drinking water pop-up stores in Leeuwarden, Arnhem and Zwolle.

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  • Client:
  • Vitens
  • Special Guest:
  • Floortje Dessing
  • Project Manager:
  • Hans Corssmit
  • Interior Design + Styling:
  • Nicole de Werk | Luz David von Franquemont
  • Construction:
  • Rinke te Dorsthorst