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  • le déjeuner

    Pablo Picasso was inspired by Manet’s painting Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (1862-1863), Luncheons on the grass. Between 1949 and 1962 Picasso made numerous paintings, drawings and cardboard maquettes for sculptures with reference to Manet’s work. Some pics taken at the Picasso Museum in Paris.

  • surabaya

    Surabaya in Paris.
  • mirror image

    Henri Grout Cartonnage Artistique, Paris.
  • room with a view

  • never on tuesday

    Quelle surprise! The Louvre museum is closed on Tuesdays.

  • lost in translation

    News from the Department of Confusion :: German speaking J.R. is looking for his Sue Ellen in Paris?

  • big brother

      French invasion of privacy.

  • paris streets

    I can take this hint… next shopping spree in NY?

  • confused

    Le Confiseur at rue du Parc Royal was empty, no chocolate, just eye candy from Galerie Menouar across the street, 3rd arrondissement, Paris.

  • paris

  • musee picasso

  • luxembourg

    Jardin du Luxembourg crowded with Luxembourg chairs.

  • velib

  • le grand palais

  • pasteur