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  • creativity

    Quote of the day...   Creativity is contagious. Pass it on. Albert Einstein
  • bright idea

    What a nice surprise! I found these lamps in Pittaki street, Athens. To brighten up the shady streets of the Psyrri neighbourhood, people of Athens were invited to participate and donate their old lamps and fixtures to build this installation of 150 lamps. Instead of reflecting the gloomy side of the area, it’s now glowing with…
  • streetart napoli

    Inspired by John Collier's Lilith (1887). More streetart in the video: Zilda in Napoli.
  • sacro e profano

    I've found another streetart angel in Napoli and just discovered that this Pistol Angel is made by Banksy. If I would have known, I would have taken more shots, this is the only one I've got including blue bucket. My lucky shot!
  • another message

    Another message down the drain…

  • alley cat

    purrrrrrrr An alley cat by C215 aka Christian Guémy, a French street artist from Paris, who has been described as France’s answer to Banksy.